Gin and Tonic : history and recipe

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Gin and Tonic : history and recipe

Today there are a large number of relatively simple Gin Tonic derivatives and mixologists like that !


Mizuwari is a mixture of whiskey, its double volume of water and ice (s). The name of this cocktail speaks volumes about its “genre” since it literally means “mixed with water”.

Irish Coffee

A must-have cocktail that never goes out of date! Synonymous with comfort in cold weather, Irish Coffee is best enjoyed during the long winter evenings propped up in the back of a soft armchair in the back room of a pub with vintage decor!

Ice Ball

Ice ball is not just an ice cube! Contrary to what you might think, whisky and ice do not necessarily go well together. At the risk of attracting the wrath of purists, ice can exalt certain aromas of whisky.

How do you make whisky ?

It is interesting to note that if the spirit “whisky” is complex, this is in total contradiction with the number of starting ingredients : 3 !

Alcoholic fermentation

Alcoholic fermentation is relatively simple: it is the sugar that is in the brew, which will be transformed into alcohol.

Gin Basil Smash

Gin Basil Smash is for lovers of gin and… basil. This very fashionable cocktail was created in 2008 by Jörg Meyer at the Lions Bar in Hamburg.

Mixology, what is it?

During your evenings or even during your wanderings in trendy districts where trendy bars and clubs display the word “Mixology”.


We are here in the first step of whisky making (see our article on this subject). Malting is the extraction of starch from cereals. We talk about barley because it is the ingredient of Single Malt but it is quite possible to malt wheat, rye or buckwheat. 4 steps for...


Brewing, if you ask the question: what is whisky? The answer is simple: it’s the distillation of a beer! Simple question, simple answer but by the way, how do you make a beer?

Why do you think Winston Churchill said, “The Gin Tonic saved more English lives and souls than any doctor in the Empire.”

To understand this famous phrase pronounced by the very famous Churchill himself, we must look at the origin of the no less famous “Gin Tonic“! Because before being Gin and Tonic, this cocktail, more than in fashion today, has its origins in the medical world. Did you say medical? Yes !!!

The origin of this cocktail is Tonic Water, developed in the middle of the 18th century, it is a carbonated drink containing water with quinine. Quinine is extracted from a shrub native to South America, cinchona. It is then what is called a natural anti-pyretic alkaloid, analgesic and above all, and this is what will interest doctors, antimalarial. Quinine is then used for the prevention of malaria in tropical environments. Its taste is so bitter that we will sweeten it with sugar and guess what? Alcohol (preferably strong), rum or ginGin Tonic was born!

Today, there are a large number of derivatives of this relatively simple cocktail and mixologists are having a great time with that !

Let’s stay purist for the moment and let’s take a look at the simple Gin Tonic recipe!

Gin Tonic” recipe


4 cl of gin

8 cl of tonic

On the tonics market, there are a large number of brands, from the very famous “Fever Tree” and “Schweppes Indian Tonic” to at least known Tonic from Red Bull (our favorite, see our article on the different Tonics). It’s up to you to try simply by tasting.



1 serving glass


Fill the glass with ice cubes, serve the gin and then the tonic… simple no?

Good tasting !

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Photo Credit : Photo by Vlad Tchompalov on Unsplash

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