Two sites welcoming you in either Tonnerre or Chablis. The facility in Tonnerre is mainly focusing on distilling and all production aspects while when you are in Chablis you will find the Boutique and a training facility.

The Valour+Lemaire Distillery and so our production and distilling site is set in Tonnerre, Burgundy. Our main focus there is to develop amazing recipes and to distil fine craft spirits however every month visits, trainings and events are organised for your.

If you’d like to know more about those  come back regularly to this site or follow us on social media. You then only have to make a reservation. 

The Valour+Lemaire Boutique opens its doors in Chablis, Burgundy. You can of course find the complete range of our available spirits but also more exclusive and even unique spirits bottled from the recipes we continuouisly develop.

This is also the place for a masterclass on tasting wines and spirits, bettering your knowledge on spirits or even blending your own bottle.

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