Why our still doesn’t look like a still

by | Feb 10, 2020 | distilling

How do you make whisky ?

It is interesting to note that if the spirit “whisky” is complex, this is in total contradiction with the number of starting ingredients : 3 !

Irish Coffee

A must-have cocktail that never goes out of date! Synonymous with comfort in cold weather, Irish Coffee is best enjoyed during the long winter evenings propped up in the back of a soft armchair in the back room of a pub with vintage decor!

Ice Ball

Ice ball is not just an ice cube! Contrary to what you might think, whisky and ice do not necessarily go well together. At the risk of attracting the wrath of purists, ice can exalt certain aromas of whisky.


Mizuwari is a mixture of whiskey, its double volume of water and ice (s). The name of this cocktail speaks volumes about its “genre” since it literally means “mixed with water”.

Why our still doesn’t look like a still

In the world of distilling not all stills are made equal. So why didn’t we go for a “traditional” copper one? Find out in this article.


We are here in the first step of whisky making (see our article on this subject). Malting is the extraction of starch from cereals. We talk about barley because it is the ingredient of Single Malt but it is quite possible to malt wheat, rye or buckwheat. 4 steps for...


Brewing, if you ask the question: what is whisky? The answer is simple: it’s the distillation of a beer! Simple question, simple answer but by the way, how do you make a beer?

Gin Basil Smash

Gin Basil Smash is for lovers of gin and… basil. This very fashionable cocktail was created in 2008 by Jörg Meyer at the Lions Bar in Hamburg.

Gin and Tonic : history and recipe

Today there are a large number of relatively simple Gin Tonic derivatives and mixologists like that !

Alcoholic fermentation

Alcoholic fermentation is relatively simple: it is the sugar that is in the brew, which will be transformed into alcohol.

Let’s face it we had the choice. The choice between what customers expect. ie. a copper still with brass elements that is heated by an open flame and what made sense to bring those customers the best possible spirits. ie. stainless steel and direct heating in an isolated base.

But why, you might ask? Copper stills make amazing pictures and selfies! In a way we’d rather bring you amazing spirits than amazing pictures, but that’s not all. Here are the different reasons.

  • First, it is not all that bad looking and the design tends to grow on you. Just like the latest Tesla 4 wheel drive.
  • Second, unlike a copper cognac still, we can make gins, vodka, rums, whiskeys, brandies, … With amazing quality with just one type of equipment.
  • Third, with the way it is built we have true control on what we do. Meaning that if we develop a recipe for you we will be able to get the same result each and every time we start a new run for you.
  • Fourth, open flames look great and feel great in the winter. But let’s face it, we would much rather heat what is inside the still than the building surrounding the still.
  • Fifth, we are geeks and we love advanced technology that simply makes sense to get amazing taste for you.
  • Sixth, stainless steel = easy to clean. When was the last time you had to polish copper to make it beautiful and shiny for a selfie. Even worse when was the last time you cleaned off the green rust that comes with copper.
  • Seventh, it is fully scalable. We develop recipes, a lot of them, even some weird ones and most of those in small batches. So we needed technology that permitted starting with the equivalent of 1 bottle and possibly making 300, 500 or even 2000 easily.
  • Eight, do we really need to tell you more or are you convinced?
  • Ninth, really you need more?
  • Tenth, ok, then it is today the best equipment we could find to bring you taste and not folklore.

by | Feb 10, 2020

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