The Distillery

Valour+Lemaire is indeed a distillery but a distillery with a twist. Here are a couple definitions we love and that are close to both our hearts and our way of doing things.


Quite simply the idea of distilling high end and even “made to measure” spirits making sure that the organoleptic personality of each of them shines through. It also means we can distill your own spirits.


Don’t start us on what a batch or small batch is unless you have a lot of time on your hands. Between limited editions and small productions it really means we know exactly where each bottle is coming from in terms of run or barrel.


This implies that as artisans we stand behind every single bottle we bring to you. Behind the selection of botanicals, grains, … Behind every step of the fermentation and of course behind the stills we use.

no folklore just taste

Aromas, flavours and textures are the stars. To make sure they shine we have gotten rid of everything we couldn’t prove, everything we can’t justify and everything that would prevent us from bringing you the same amazing tasting experience with every single bottle.


Vodkas, gins, whiskies, whiskies in the making or what we like to call LeMalt, rums and then really the sky is the limit as we are in the heart of a wine country brandies, marcs are also coming your way.

organic, local & sustainable

It’s all about sourcing and working with farmers, suppliers and partners who are amongst the best in their craft and who are close geographically or in sharing our values. ie. If you are a smaller operation producing organic ancient grains you should give us a call.

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