the Still 

Ok it doesn’t really look like your traditional still with the large amount of copper you would expect or a Charentais still which is the go to solution for French Distillers. 

But guess what it also does work in a different way and that was what we were looking for. We now have a still that can help us make as many types of spirits as we wish or as you are ready to enjoy.  

What is crucial is to have full control of the entire process and of course to manage temperatures in a very precise way. The objective was also to limit losses, effluents and at the same time being able to guaranty high and consistent levels of quality. 

Think about it! For your next surgery would you rather use instruments or rather tools rom the 17th century that have a beautiful patina and a rustic charm or modern precision equipment that will limit errors. 

We love to use the phrase “no folklore just taste” and that really is what choosing this still was all about with 3 basic rules in mind: firstly taste, secondly taste and thirdly taste.


more aromas and flavours


control, no volume loss, precise cuts and accurate temperatures


versatile to make gins, vodkas, whiskies, rums and more ... according to our recipes or yours


secure thanks to foolproof security systems, no open flame and no pressure build up


efficient in energy use

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