our philosophy

The real stars, but our customers, are the aromas and the flavours. Just to make sure they really are shining we got rid of everything we couldn’t prove or justify. First and foremost we got rid of anything that would impair our willingness to offer the same high level of quality bottle after bottle. This focus on “Taste” is even more important if you are asking us to develop your own spirits. Have a look at our background to understand what we mean by #NoFolkoreJustTaste.


It is quite simply the idea of distilling premium Spirits and even Spirits tailored to our customers specifications to make sure they are standing out by their particular and unique organoleptic profile.


Craft means we are behind each single bottle that you might come across. Behind the selection of the botanicals, of the grains, of the casks, … Behind the fermentation process, the recipes and of course behind the stills.


Vodkas, Gins, Whiskies, LeMalt, Rums, Liqueurs, Brandies, … There is no limit what so ever as we are a Distillery we tend to be able to distil everything we or our customers want.

A team with a passion

Know-how or "savoir-faire" are good but passion is even better when it comes to creating and distilling unique Spirits.


A batch is what come in or out of the still in one go. We also like the definition where a batch is the amount of bottles produces in this series. So when we tell you about real small batch it means that on the Constellation, Seasons and Collection ranges we are running limited edition batches. Find out more on our “range” page.


A cubic still, almost no copper, not keeping many secrets and being pretty open to showing you how we do things  … No Folklore Just Taste is all about tasting and what you may feel rather than trying to explain that you are experiencing is linked to something  we haven’t tested or to something we cannot prove.

LOCAL & sustainable

If we can find grains, botanicals and basically everything we need with the high level of quality we are expecting within a close range we will not go an extra mile to save a couple cents. Also Distilling is energy-intensive so daily we find solutions to have a sustainable approach by choosing the right Stills, by recirculating water and coolant, by finding state of art technology rather than wasting water by using osmosis.

The star of the distillery

It is a bit different, some might say peculiar or even weird though it is the tool we need to distil amazing Spirits with high precision requirements.