Bespoke Craft Spirits


Craft distilled focusing on making every single batch unique and even tailored to your taste.

Our creations

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Premium and “haute-couture” limited edition Spirits.



Hands on approach at every single stage of the life of our Spirits.



A French “savoir-faire” in creating and distillingpremium spirits.



No Folklore Just Taste.
Focusing on Taste before all.

Tastings, recipes and news

Irish Coffee

A must-have cocktail that never goes out of date! Synonymous with comfort in cold weather, Irish Coffee is best enjoyed during the long winter evenings propped up in the back of a soft armchair in the back room of a pub with vintage decor!

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Ice Ball

Ice ball is not just an ice cube! Contrary to what you might think, whisky and ice do not necessarily go well together. At the risk of attracting the wrath of purists, ice can exalt certain aromas of whisky.

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Mizuwari is a mixture of whiskey, its double volume of water and ice (s). The name of this cocktail speaks volumes about its “genre” since it literally means “mixed with water”.

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Come and meet us

How about you come and taste, maybe blend your own bottle or even distil your very own Gin?

Liquor stores, bars, restaurants

If you are from the trade maybe you would like to  know more about the Distillery, its range, prices and the offers we have for you ...