If you wanted to cause a heart attack in a Scottish or an Irishman, the Mizuwari is exactly the cocktail that you have to serv them! if so much water (I mean water!), double the volume of whiskey, added to whiskey is sacrilege for some, it is a real institution for others and especially in Japan.

The originality of this cocktail is not so much in the ingredients as in the way of preparing it. Indeed Mizuwari is a mixture of whiskey, its double volume of water and ice (s). The name of this cocktail speaks volumes about its “genre” since it literally means “mixed with water”.


4 cl of whisky

8 cl of mineral water

Ice (preferably sculpted)


1 tumbler type serving glass

1 spoon of bartender-maid


Refresh the glass with ice cubes which you will then throw

Cut the ice cube (s) into a rounded shape, removing the corners

Pour the whiskey

Add the ice cube (s)

Add the mineral water very slowly

Stir just as gently!


Even if the Mizuwari scares away experts and purists, it is a cocktail that has the virtue of initiating people who would like to discover the world of whiskey but who are not used to strong alcoholic drinks. It is also a cocktail which, by definition, can be drunk during warm weather. Japanese gourmet restaurants can serve Mizuwari to accompany dishes.


The twice up: 1 dose of whiskey for only 1 dose of mineral water. This cocktail is very similar to Mizuwari but intended for those who would like a little more taste.
Highball: we are going to replace still mineral water with carbonated water. The bubbles bring of course “peps” and can magnify the aromas of whisky!

Good tasting !

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Photo by Sonia Kowsar on Unsplash