A must-have cocktail that never goes out of date! Synonymous with comfort in cold weather, Irish Coffee is best enjoyed during the long winter evenings propped up in the back of a soft armchair in the back room of a pub with vintage decor!

What is Irish Coffee?

The first feature of this cocktail, perhaps the best known whisky cocktail, is that it is warm drunk. Like many products that claim to be traditional, it is a cocktail that is better known outside of its country of origin. Even if it has the reputation of being only reserved for tourists, the fact remains that it is a cocktail … delicious !!!


In the following order to respect the layers:

4cl of whisky or whiskey if you want to respect the origin of this cocktail

2 cl cane sugar

1 cup of warm coffee

2 or 3 tablespoons whipped cream


1 glass preferably special Irish coffee

1 diaper utensil

1 dispenser

1 bowl for cream

1 whip

1 teaspoon

1 tablespoon


Whip the cream at the same time so that it is smooth but not too liquid or too firm

Run your coffee (it should be very hot and relatively strong)

Add the liquid cane sugar directly

Stir with a cocktail spoon to mix the first 2 ingredients

Add the hot coffee using the diaper tool

Add the whipped cream using a tablespoon


The visual aspect of Irish Coffee is very important. So do not hesitate to get a diaper tool in order to succeed. Alternatively, with the help of a spoon, you can pour the coffee on the glass wall in order to respect the layers.

Try the variant: you simply have to replace the whisky with… rum!

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